Monday, 28 January 2008

Rules of Engagement, part 1

As if anybody but me cares, I have a few quirks of grammar, syntax, spelling, and so on, that I use, and that I would like to share, just in case you see something out of the ordinary and feel like bringing it up.

So, in no special order:

1. I always use the serial comma.
2. I almost always say "towards", and I most often say "besides".
3. I use logical punctuation with quotation marks. That is, I position periods and commas either within or without the quotation marks depending on their relation to the quote itself.
4. I use the pedantic formation "et c." because "et" and "cetera" are two separate words. You may also see me use "&c." as a short form.

If you feel that I've made an error, please let me know. If you are right, I will certainly apologize.

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