Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A clean desk is a productive desk

Yesterday, I was inspired to clean my desk in order to finish off my workyear on a high note.

Okay, I was fed up of the cat hair and bumprints all over the place, and my keyboard had reached a critical level of greasiness.

Here are the results.



You might not notice a large difference between the two, but the before picture doesn't come close to portraying the coating of cat fur that my desk had attracted, or the depth of the pile of papers under the indeterminate stuff and wires at the left side.

The main culprit:

Of course, the mess didn't even come close to reaching the proportions here!

As you were.


Jess Bennett said...

Your desk is pretty clean before, man.

Jess Bennett said...

Your desk is pretty clean, man.

Danijela said...

Bum prints, eh!

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