Saturday, 6 February 2010

Art projects past: the YPF 24-hour Art Party

It feels like a long time in the past now, but about five or so years ago, I and a group of friends, the Young People's Foundation collective, performed our second major installation: the 24-Hour Art Party, also known as Days are Numbered + Aftermath. (Our first was really just a big party and fundraiser with a relatively small exhibition—does anyone have photos of that?) The object of the event was to create a work of art (approximately 7" x 7") every 24 minutes for 24 hours, producing a total of 60 pieces per artist. (13 or 14 of us participated.) It was awesome. At the end of the 24 hours, Galerie Accidentelle (at Spencer's and Mandy's boutique, Lemon Lime) was covered from floor to ceiling in art.

Well, I don't consider myself much of an illustrator, painter, or collage artist; I'm not visually creative enough to put together that many individual pieces in that amount of time. So I decided to make music instead, and here is a mix of my many pieces. (I did create a piece for every 24-minute period. Mostly I wrote out lyrics or thoughts on the process.)

The next day, Josh and I mixed it down from 60 tracks, and I dropped off a CD and discman at the gallery so viewers could look and listen. And now, finally, so can the whole world. Let me know what you think!

Track one
Track two
Track three
Track four
Track five
Track six
Track seven
Track eight
Track nine
Track ten
Track eleven
Track twelve
Track thirteen
Track fourteen
Track fifteen
Track sixteen
Track seventeen
Track eighteen
Track nineteen
Track twenty
Track twenty-one
Track twenty-two


Helen said...

what a fantastic idea, adam!

Adam Gorley said...

Thanks Helen! It was a ton of fun.

I should have mentioned that the gallery and shop were open throughout the day and lots of people came to visit. And if I remember correctly, we put a TV in the window showing a live feed of the art in progress so passersby could watch us overnight.

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